Image Credit: @fatblackclit, Janae Williams

Image Credit: @fatblackclit, Janae Williams

Our Vision

Take space, and demand more.

Free Figure Revolution is a Southern body liberation organization built on Black fat queer futurism. Our work is dedicated to working directly from the margins of our society, centering the often ignored casualties of white supremacist humanity standards, and the heart and foundation of any and all body liberation movements - Black fat folks.

Free Figure's mission is to create the revolution we need, and demand the humanity we deserve. We do this through community programming + initiatives, campaigns, art as resistance, transformative justice, and data futurism. In curating safer spaces and healing, we use a Black fat queer futuristic lens to humanize ourselves in moving through the ongoing antiblack violence we experience.

Free Figure created the Fat Census (2017) and the Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey (2018) as an analytical tool to ask our people about their experiences to create and provide more data on fat oppression, community violence, and healing through an intersectional lens.

The Fat Census was intentionally curated to interrelate how sizism is amplified by antiblackness, racism, ableism, colorism, transphobia, etc. The executive summary is now available right now!

The Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey Executive Report will be released in March 2019.