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The Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey is specifically for providing more data access and evidence-based information for our communities, and to cultivate a community initiative to create transformative justice for intra-community violence for queer people of color.

Naming our truth means more access to healing.

Free Figure Revolution is dedicated to radicalizing research and curating data futurism to liberate our bodies. There is a lack of representation, nuance, and information on the depths of domestic violence and sexual assault within the queer community and gender/ sexuality spectrum. We have created a survey that includes more polysexual options, is evidence-based, provides deeper nuance, and will center as many as identities as possible.

The Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey is designed to be as inclusive as possible of the queer community and center the expansive identities within our gender and sexuality spectrum. The survey will be available on on April 26th in English and Spanish.


Privacy Policy for Data Collection

  • We safeguard respondents’ email addresses.
    Free Figure will not use your email addresses aside from conducting Census information. We will not misuse your information or disregard the trust of community through our data research.
  • We hold your data securely.
    We store the information securely and only ask for limited information to ensure the safety and privacy of the respondents to the censuses.
  • We don’t sell your responses to third parties.
    We will not reuse your individual personal information by selling it to third parties. We will simply collect the data to synthesize it into percentages that are easy to understand without implicating your individual answers.