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Naming our truth means more access to healing. How can we create a culture of consent if our bodies and the violence we experience aren’t included?

Free Figure Revolution is dedicated to radicalizing research and curating data futurism to liberate our bodies. There is a lack of representation, nuance, and information on the depths of domestic violence and sexual assault within the queer community and gender/ sexuality spectrum. We have created a survey that includes more polysexual options, is evidence-based, provides deeper nuance, and will center as many as identities as possible.

The Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey is designed to be as inclusive as possible of the queer community and center the expansive identities within our gender and sexuality spectrum.

The Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey is specifically for providing more data access and evidence-based information for our communities, and to cultivate a community initiative to create transformative justice for intra-community violence for queer Black folks and people of color.


Ongoing Campaign



Q. What is the fat census?

A. The Fat Census is an analytical tool that we created to ask fat people about their experiences to create and provide more data on fatphobia through an intersectional lens. The census is intentionally curated to interrelate how sizism is amplified by antiblackness, racism, ableism, colorism, transphobia, etc. When we process the responses to the survey, we will release a report breaking down the realities and truths of fat people's experiences and how we can demand more resources for our humanity and body liberation.


Q. who is it for? who is allowed to take it?

A. Anyone who exists as a larger bodied person. Whether you name your body as fat, plus size, curvy, more to love, big and tall, etc., you are invited to take this very necessary census so that we can create more data on the experiences we have in our fat bodies.


Q. what's the goal of the census?

A. Free Figure will be releasing the start to an annual breakdown of the research we've found, to name demands for the change we seek to create, and to hold accountable the systems that harm us. The report will be a coalition led effort.


Q. when will the results be released?

A. We're releasting the data via an art show on March 30th at the Fat As Fuck! An Abundant Afrofuturistic Gallery hosted at The Bakery Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. There will be an executive summary available online as well.


Statement as of march 9th, 2018:

There will be an executive summary and art show to accompany the data we've founded. This will be free and accessible to the world. This data is not intended to supplement legislative or institutional spaces. Data futurism is required for revolutionary purposes, for naming violence and truth in particular ways that will often never center folks that these same institutions are designed to erase and destroy.

Data often feels distant, cold, respectable, institutionalized, expensive, and antiblack as fuck. If data is accessible, humanized, and feels like anyone can curate, mine, and create it, then suddenly so many answers, affirmation, and information about ourselves and our communities that we've longed for become within our reach as marginalized people. This data matter because the only data that exists about us is to shrink or kill us. This data matters because there's so much more nuance and difference within our experiences that we might've never discovered quantitatively. This data can be used for fat folks, specifically Black fat folks, to garner resources but can also be used as a life saving tool for humanizing ourselves and our experiences.


Check out the 2017 Executive Report available at midnight PST March 30th, 2018 at


Privacy Policy for Data Collection

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  • We safeguard respondents’ email addresses.
    Free Figure will not use your email addresses aside from conducting Census information. We will not misuse your information or disregard the trust of community through our data research.

  • We hold your data securely.
    We store the information securely and only ask for limited information to ensure the safety and privacy of the respondents to the censuses and surveys.

  • We don’t sell your responses to third parties.
    We will not reuse your individual personal information by selling it to third parties. We will simply collect the data to synthesize it into percentages that are easy to understand without implicating your individual answers.

  • We don’t profit off your humanity!
    We do not sell, manipulate, or withhold the data we collect and analyze. We value data like we value YOU. We want to honor your autonomy and consent ALWAYS.

  • We always provide data in accessible ways to the community!
    We don’t collect your experiences and keep them to ourselves like privately funded research institutions do. We make sure our folks can benefit from the data projects we create so that we can fuel resources into our communities!

  • We identify just like you!
    We aren’t voyeurs into oppression, we are oppressed like you. We are Black fat queer and trans folks trying to get free just like you.


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The 2017 Fat Census
Executive Summary

Donate to the Work Behind this Report

We've finally completed the Executive Summary for the 2017 Fat Census! We will be releasing breakout reports for the Black respondents, People of Color, Disabled Respondents, Super Fats & Size 22+ Fats, and the LGBTQIA+ respondents later this year! Friendly reminder that Free Figure did this work for free and want to make sure that the data is accessible to the public for the sake of garnering resources, dismantling lethal beauty standards, and protecting fat bodies. This organization is run by Black queer and trans fat folks who also are poor, Southern, and tired AF. Please consider donating when you access this data and report.

We suggest that Black folks pay what you can ($20 is recommended). And that all non-Black people pay between $50-$200 (or more) for this data report.

We take PayPal (;, or you can use the default donation button on our site. Let's get free!

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