Image Credit: @fatblackclit, Janae Williams

Image Credit: @fatblackclit, Janae Williams

Our Vision

Take space, and demand more.

Free Figure Revolution is a Southern body liberation organization built on Black fat queer futurism. Our work is dedicated to working directly from the margins of our society, centering the often ignored casualties of white supremacist humanity standards, and the heart and foundation of any and all body liberation movements - Black fat folks.

Free Figure's mission is to create the revolution we need, and demand the humanity we deserve. We do this through community programming + initiatives, campaigns, art as resistance, transformative justice, and data futurism. In curating safer spaces and healing, we use a Black fat queer futuristic lens to humanize ourselves in moving through the ongoing antiblack violence we experience.

Free Figure created the Fat Census (2017) and the Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey (2018) as an analytical tool to ask our people about their experiences to create and provide more data on fat oppression, community violence, and healing through an intersectional lens.

The Fat Census was intentionally curated to interrelate how sizism is amplified by antiblackness, racism, ableism, colorism, transphobia, etc. The executive summary is now available right now!

The Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey Executive Report will be released in March 2019.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and take space for all marginalized bodies surviving lethal beauty standards. Free Figure's purpose is to continue building a legacy of body liberation and empowerment for all bodies and to destroy antiblack white supremacist violence. Our work includes curating healing spaces for marginalized bodies (specifically fat, Black, queer, trans, and disabled folks), radicalizing research to reveal the realities of the violence we as marginalized folks are suffering, and creating community initiatives in challenging a toxic cis-heteronormative culture that confines all of us to cages.


Our Goals

  1. To create a coalition for body liberation, body empowerment, and anti-violence organizations via programming, campaigns, and shared research.

  2. Create an analytical tools for providing more data on marginalized bodies and the violence we experience, radicalizing research and releasing demand initiatives around the data we collect.

  3. Provide radical inclusion as theory and praxis, and holding systems of violence, especially beauty and humanity standards, accountable through transformative campaigns.

  4. Building a legacy for a new world where our bodies can flourish, grow, live free from shame, and seek radicalized and accessible peace.

Why This Matters

Data futurism is the wave.

Data futurism allows us to name our experiences and our truth in ways systems and institutions are designed to erase and destroy.


Data is positioned as distant, inaccessible, institionally based, and antiblack. Data futurism as a praxis of collecting evidence and community experieces is vital in creating a new world and changing the dominant narratives that erase us. Free Figure's campaign the Fat Census 2017 and the Queer Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey seek to add to the legacy of evidence-based inititatives that have long existed within our marginalized communities. These campaigns exist specifically to name our truths and provide more accessible information on our identities and the violence we experience daily.

Transformative justice cannot wait, but cannot be rushed either.

Within our mission, we are creating the revolution we need. Transformative Justice is necessary for us to transform and transcend the lack of consent and accountability culture we live in. We're in desperate need for nourishment, grace, and growth within our communities, especially when it comes to issues of intracommunity conflict and violence. We are currently looking to cultivate reformative justice initiatives that develop and embody the change we need, specifically through accountability and decolonizing antiblackness.

Our visibility, resources, and healing are long overdue.


Our organization centers Black fat folks first because we know the highest and deadliest causalities of antiblack beauty standards are not the people we see within mainstream body positivity. We seek to destroy the perpetuation that whiteness and thinness are the default.

Our visibility, resources, and healing are long overdue. So we're demanding that we receive and create that for ourselves right now.