Our Mission

Our mission is to create and take space for all marginalized bodies surviving lethal beauty standards. Free Figure's purpose is to continue building a legacy of body liberation and empowerment for all bodies and to destroy antiblack white supremacist violence. Our work includes curating healing spaces for marginalized bodies (specifically fat, Black, queer, trans, and disabled folks), radicalizing research to reveal the realities of the violence we as marginalized folks are suffering, and creating community initiatives in challenging a toxic cis-heteronormative culture that confines all of us to cages.


Our Goals

  1. To create a coalition for body liberation, body empowerment, and anti-violence organizations via programming, campaigns, and shared research.

  2. Create an analytical tools for providing more data on marginalized bodies and the violence we experience, radicalizing research and releasing demand initiatives around the data we collect.

  3. Provide radical inclusion as theory and praxis, and holding systems of violence, especially beauty and humanity standards, accountable through transformative campaigns.

  4. Building a legacy for a new world where our bodies can flourish, grow, live free from shame, and seek radicalized and accessible peace.